Study in Great Britain

Do you definitely want to gain experience abroad during your studies? At the beginning the question of the destination country is in the foreground; a decision that is not always easy. But you don’t necessarily have to fly halfway around the world to find an exciting and diverse range of courses. By spending a semester abroad or studying at one of the numerous universities in Great Britain, you will gain valuable experience and benefit from many advantages.

What are the advantages and opportunities of studying in the United Kingdom?

What exactly are the advantages of studying in Great Britain? First of all, the high standard of academic education: According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, four of the top 10 universities in the world are located in Great Britain. You can therefore expect a high quality of studies and teaching. The fact that British universities are at the forefront of the international research landscape offers great benefits for students. In the courses you will learn directly about the latest research findings and gain exciting insights into current research questions.

There is also the option to combine a variety of different subjects into a unique degree. A flexibility that is often not available in Germany. Basic lectures can be taken together with practical modules in which current research results are applied. The pedagogical diversity is also something special at British universities: innovative teaching methods promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills as well as your own organizational skills and independent learning.

Those who complete a full course of study in the UK can gain significant benefits and opportunities for their future careers, as British qualifications are highly regarded internationally and open doors to the job market.
“The excellent balance of reputation, quality and cost of academic degrees from the UK is very clear. For example, 82% of international graduates in Great Britain say that the investment in their degree was worth it for them,” reports Martin Spieß, Project Manager Education at the British Council Germany. The  British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities and the central source of information for all matters relating to studying there – from choosing a university to the visa process.

With these tips you can study in the UK successfully

Are you interested in studying in the UK, but don’t know exactly what you have to do? With the following tips you can study abroad in Great Britain successfully.

Find your dream university: Every university in the UK has its own profile and individual advantages. Once a shortlist of personal favorites has been made, the entry requirements that need to be met should be checked, as these also vary. Prospective students can find a lot of helpful information on the Study UK and  British Council websites  in Germany. The free online university fair organized by the British Council and Study UK will also take place between February 14th and 25th, 2022  . There you can find out about various disciplines and book individual consultations with representatives from over 50 British universities.
Securing study financing: There are numerous individual financial supports available that you can take advantage of. Here, too, it is worth finding out more about the university you choose, as some offer scholarships specifically for EU students. With a student visa it is also possible to work during the semester and thus be more financially secure.
Submit the documents: The necessary documents also depend on the respective university. At most universities, a letter of recommendation from a selected reference person – usually these are teachers, lecturers or employers – and a personal letter of motivation must be submitted with the application. Proof of your English language skills, such as the IELTS test, is also required.
Apply for a student visa: If you want to live in the UK for longer than six months, you need a visa. However, the application can easily be submitted via an app up to six months before the start of your studies. The costs here are around 400 euros.
5. Find accommodation: Anyone who has been accepted for a study place can look for suitable accommodation. The respective contact persons at the chosen university and reports from former students can help. Many universities also offer student halls of residence.


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