Countries around the world to study in 2024

Welcome to our official rankings for the Top 7 Places in the World to Study Abroad in 2024! We’ve prepared education rankings of the world’s top study abroad destinations for 2024 based on the main reasons students give for studying abroad, as ranked by students who were looking for the perfect destination country for them to study their different program!

Top 7 Countries Around the World to Study Abroad – 2024

1 – The United Kingdom

As the best countries around the World to study abroad in 2024, the United Kingdom has overtaken Australia this year. There’s a lot more to do here than offering a top-notch education, even if it is home to some of the most prominent colleges in the world. There’s an intriguing blend of 21st-century modernity and centuries of history everywhere. Imagine having tea in the midst of London after touring Stonehenge’s ruins or going to the bar to get pints after spending the afternoon at renowned museums. There’s much to keep you busy outside of the classroom, including the rocky highlands of Scotland, the rolling countryside of England and Wales, and the geological wonders of Northern Ireland. Start planning your trip to see why the United Kingdom is #1 on our list of the best countries to study abroad this year!

2 – Australia

Australia sits at number two on our ranking of the top nations for overseas students, or, as the Aussies call it, Straya. There is a wide variety of places to explore, as it has nine unique regions, and twenty UNESCO World Heritage Sites to discover. Marvel at the limestone cliffs along the Great Ocean Road, visit the world’s oldest rainforest in the Daintree, and visit Broome to view red sand beaches and turquoise waters. Do you want to become a surfer? After your classes, you can head down to Margaret River or Manly Beach and ride some of the finest waves in the world. Explore city life in Melbourne and Brisbane, the latter of which is home to Australia’s music scene. So take off your sunglasses and discover what the Land Down Under has to offer.

3 – The United States

You will never get tire of exploring the diverse landscapes, subcultures, and histories that the United States, which stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, has to offer. It has a lot of places to explore, so let loose your inner explorer. In the course of a single road trip, see breathtaking gorges, dazzling coasts, undulating plains, and mountains covered in forests. Whether you travel to Miami, Honolulu, or Las Vegas, there are countless entertainment options. This is a great place for foodies like you to be. Find the best tacos in California, have fried chicken in the South, and form an opinion about Chicago vs. New York’s pizza rivalry. With students from all diverse origins, both American and foreign, the universities are a cultural melting pot. 

4 – Canada

Canada is renowned for having an unrivaledly diversified terrain full of natural treasures. Get a good camera because you will be needing it when you are visiting places with rocky coasts, snowy mountains, wooded lakes, and polar glaciers. If you are looking to learn a new language, Canada is a good place to start, as it is a multilingual country with a large population of French and English speakers. The people are friendly, so you can expect to find pleasant grins and warm welcomes here, regardless of your language or where you are from. Explore the vibrant cities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal at your leisure, and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the breathtaking landscapes of Halifax, Whistler, and Banff. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect spot to study?

5 -France

For those who love history, La République Française is unquestionably the best; every French town or city can boast artistic and architectural influences spanning several centuries. Culture is all around you—see the breathtaking scenery of Mont Saint-Michel, relax in Marseilles under the Mediterranean heat, and tour quaint Alsace villages! Additionally, their variety of tasty cuisines can never be overstated! Every time, French food surpasses expectations, and a sommelier is on hand to select the ideal bottle of French wine. There are many locations to discover, with each region being as unique as its wine. 

6 – Germany

For a variety of reasons, Germany comes in sixth on our list of the top nations for international students. Germany seems to have practically every type of European environment imaginable, from the beaches of the Baltic coast to the mountains of Bavaria, all of which are ideal for any time of year. Take a trip to the past as you tour places like the Berlin Wall, Cologne Cathedral, Neuschwanstein Castle, etc. Take inspiration from fairy tales by visiting the Black Forest, getting lost in Hamburg’s many lovely canals, and spending Oktoberfest in Munich’s biergartens. Germans are known to be the largest bread lovers in Europe, and their schnitzel, currywurst, and döner kebab are truly impressive dishes. Gain a once-in-a-lifetime adventure by studying in Germany!

7 – The Netherlands

You get an idea of what life is like in the Netherlands if you picture bicycles, canals, and warm cafes on the streets of Amsterdam. People are quite tolerant of others, environmentally sensitive, and varied, from the bustling metropolis of Utrecht and Rotterdam to the more sedate university towns of Groningen and Leiden. The Netherlands is among the greatest countries around the world to study because there are many English-speaking people and English-language university programmes there. There will be a tonne of stuff for you to do too! Visit the Van Gogh Museum, stroll through history at Zaanse Schans, or just stop by the Garden of Europe to see the tulips in bloom. Naturally, all while savouring some stroopwafel!

There is the list of seven of the best countries around the world that you should travel for your studies. Don’t stop yourself from exploring each one of the options on the list as you begin your study adventure.

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