Private Yoga

IMG_3083Sometimes we come to a point where we desire to deepen our practice in a way that group classes just can’t satisfy.

Perhaps you can’t make it to public classes, or you are experiencing a physical condition that’s stalling your practice.

Maybe you prefer practicing in the privacy of your own home, and work best evolving under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Whatever the reason for public classes not fitting into your life, private yoga is your answer. 

I limit myself to 1-3 clients at a time so I can really focus on you. Teaching privately is one of my favorite formats, as I have the opportunity to get more creative, break down details, and I get to know you in a way I could not with public classes.


  • Get the tools and methods to work with your body
  • Gain targeted strength and flexibility in a way public classes cannot offer
  • Dive deeper into non-asana aspects of the yoga tradition
  • Enjoy the richness a 1:1 teacher-student relationship bring to your practice
  • Practice in the comfort of your own home, without the stress of rushing to class

Rate & Packages:

$85/hr with price breaks upon purchasing a series of sessions.

  • 4 sessions for $320 (1x/week)
  • 6 sessions for $465 (1-2x/week)
  • 8 sessions for $600 (1-2x/week)

Generally, I prefer to work through a series of sessions as it enables us to see progress over time and more effectively address your goals.

Ready to personalize your practice? Contact me with your weekly availability, goals, and any questions and we can get started!