Shift into Strength: Crow/Crane Sequence

For many, Crow (or Crane, if you work it with straight arms) is their first arm balance in yoga. That doesn't mean it's easy! It requires core strength, a strong chaturanga, and relatively open hips to get those knees up on the back of your arms. The back slightly rounds as you draw the navel … Continue reading Shift into Strength: Crow/Crane Sequence

Can Mindfulness and Social Media Coexist?

If you have seen my Instagram (@catvaladezyoga), you'll know that I'm pretty active on social media. I'm also a big proponent and practitioner of mindfulness. And yet, I have caught myself wondering lately if it's even possible to say that I practice mindfulness and also engage (heavily) on social media. Seems laughable, doesn't it? Most … Continue reading Can Mindfulness and Social Media Coexist?