6 Principles for a Sustainable Practice

I sat down this month and thought about whether there are certain principles that I believe always can be applied in the asana practice, to offer you as a resource. Note that these are principles, not rules. That means that they are meant to guide and inform your movement, the point being that with these principles in mind, you will be empowered to stay safe and bend stronger in your beautiful, unique body for many, many years to come. Sustainability isn't just for the environment--it's for your yoga, too!

At Home in Hanumanasana

Looking to make some progress in your Hanumanasana (Ha-NOO-ma-NAH-sah-nah)? The yogic split is so-named for the half monkey, half god Hindu deity. It specifically alludes to the story of him jumping across the sea from mainland India to Sri Lanka in one great leap to save his dear friend Rama. The split is Hanuman's great … Continue reading At Home in Hanumanasana

Shift into Strength: Crow/Crane Sequence

For many, Crow (or Crane, if you work it with straight arms) is their first arm balance in yoga. That doesn't mean it's easy! It requires core strength, a strong chaturanga, and relatively open hips to get those knees up on the back of your arms. The back slightly rounds as you draw the navel … Continue reading Shift into Strength: Crow/Crane Sequence